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Cover Letter

I have over 12 years of experience working with startups and agencies. I led UX Research at Open Collective, conducting in-depth user research that yielded a 20% increase in user satisfaction scores. The insights gathered drove the design of a sophisticated dashboard, resulting in a 15% improvement in task completion rates. This customized dashboard for a transparent and secure payment system contributed to a 25% reduction in average user session duration, ultimately saving users valuable time on the platform. I’ve served as the Head of UX at Payface leading a team of 3, implemented streamlined design processes, reducing project timelines by 20% while maintaining a high standard of quality, with an accessible design system, led the design for successful product launches, contributing to a 10% increase in user adoption and achieving industry recognition. Served as UX Designer and Researcher for PSafe, where I identified a demand for subscription-based privacy protection and conceptualized an Identity Theft product using low-fidelity prototypes and rigorous usability testing, that combined with a successful 7-day trial strategy, resulted in a 30% increase in subscriptions within three months. Expanded the product to iOS and B2B SaaS, contributing to an overall business growth of 20% in revenue.
Additionally, I have extensive experience as a UX Consultant, designing and growing multiple companies from inception. In my recent roles, I have been working with international clients, managing strategies, and consistently delivering user-driven results.
I look forward to discussing these ideas further.

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